April 4, 2011

In Real Life

I attended this really awesome conference last weekend. I really didn't know what I was attending but I know that one of the mean speakers was Danielle Bean a funny Catholic Homeschooling Mom of eight. I didn't even really know what the conference was about all I knew was the Faith and Family was hosting it and it was called Mom's Day Away. Really could I miss a Mother's Day Away with one of my favorite Catholic author's, NO!!

I turned out that this was a conference with many Catholic bloggers meeting in real life (INL). A lot of these bloggers write for Faith and Family on-line. I am a blogger but I really only blog about my family. I'm not really sure why I blog at all except it is my outlet and fun for me. I actually met a blogger from one of my favorite Catholic Crafts site Catholic Icing.

Me, Lacey from Catholic Icing, and Danielle Bean Danielle was the first speaker and her talk was "One Yes at a time." She told a really funny story about saying yes to God with packing peanuts. Hysterical!!

Cioci Anne with Baby Thomas

Children at the conference and their presence was great Darcy took more picture and posted them here.

Rachel Balducci of Testosterhome was another speaker. She talk was my favorite it was on "You too can be a Saint."

Father Chip gave a short talk on adoration and confession.

Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary was the second speaker on "Letting Go of Fear."

Yes, I got a lot out of this conference but one of the first thing said by Pat Gohn was: what is the one thing we are going to take away from this conference? The one thing I took home from this conference was women really need to have friends that you can confide. I already knew this but let me tell you it sure does feel good to hear this from others. The second thing I learned was "Do Not Compare Yourself To Others." I repeat this to myself at least once a day. This was a great day for a Mama who really didn't know what she was going to be attending.

It was also nice to visit it with good friend, Anne Dooley and meet up with other friends from our homeschool group.


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Great summary of the day! I have still been thinking about how you can't compare yourself to others- so true! :-) Great meeting you!

Rebecca said...

Okay. We are officially no longer friends. THREE of my favorite Catholic Bloggers in Boston! And you forgot to tell me!!!!! Some things are just unforgivable ;-)

Adrianne said...

@Rebecca - I didn't forget to tell you I forgot to remind you, lol. I'll be sure to keep on you it thy come back to Boston next year.
@Lacy - was so good to meet you in person. You really are a sweetheart. I love your crafts and we do them all the time and I pass them around to my homeschool group. We are doing the rosary paperbag books as I type. :)