April 10, 2011

Little Cottage Visit

de Niall family hasn't visited the Little Sister of St Francis on the Holy Hill in a long time but boy did we miss them. The cottage is a great retreat from home and helps to rest our family. It is a great get away for a weekend or a week. de Niall's have enjoyed both.

Why are the Little Sister's cottages a nice place to visit, I could give a million reasons but I stop at ten.

1. We really want our children to be exposed to religious especially religious who love children. On this trip two of the sisters were home (one was on retreat) they both lovingly engaged our children in different ways. Sr. Deborah just kissed James after he was naughty at mass. Sr. Elizabeth Anne had a conversation with the children while they were outside playing.

2. The cottages have everything our family needs to survive.

(Daddy working in the kitchen)

3. A family retreat is good for the family. Just getting out of our house for a few days is wonderful for the soul! And a small break for everyone!!

4. Adoration on Fridays!!

    (Chapel is in the basement of the Sister's house.)

5. The sisters invite their guests to join them in all their prayers and have a chapel on site - Eucharistic Adoration and Liturgy of the Hours.

6. The grounds are the have the Stations of the Cross outside, statues all over, and a great trail to hike (or run if you are daddy).

7. It is quit (as quit as you can get with three children) but a better description peaceful.

8. The sisters are easy to talk with and love to let you about their order, things to do in the area and other interesting topics.

9. Time away from work for Daddy!

10. Their yard is a safe place for little children to play.

    Bonus reason I couldn't just stop

11. The sisters only a free offering so some years we can pay more and some years we can pay less but we never feel like they are excepting X amount from us so when we are not able to afford a vacation we are still able to get away.

Our cottage was Mary's house but they also have Martha House and Divine Mercy House and St. Joseph's hall connects the theee house.

These are some of the room in Mary House.

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