April 10, 2011

Family Photo and Blog Rename

We have been trying to figure out what our family blog name is going to be. We asked many of our friends and we actually got many suggestions and votes.

The winning vote went to de Niall File but we decide to go with a suggestion that was not given……..

Drum Roll Please………………………………..

Okay so if you haven't guessed the name by our new lay out it is "de Niall Isle." We think it feels like our family. de Niall Isle is the Niall family Island which is where I feel we are often. Our family off on a crazy island somewhere. Plus it mixes our French and Irish family blend together. Thanks Lindsay!

Two other really good names given to to us by Lindsay we could help but sharing were "Don't Rile Mrs. Niall that's Vile" and "de Niall Futile Laundry Pile." Some other fun names "Life in de Niall," "de Niall isn't Just a River,"and "de Niall on Trial." Thanks for everyone who had fun figuring out a blog name with us!

On our family retreat we went to Hampton Beach and tried to get a family picture. None of them are great they go well with Crazy Monday pictures. Enjoy your laugh!!

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