April 19, 2011

Quiet deNiall Day

On de Niall Isle it is rarely quiet. With three active children running all the time we here on the isle are always going. Weather we are playing indoors or out, cleaning or learning we are always going. Today is extremely different. We had quiet until 7:30 am which really never happens. First awake was James acting as though he didn't vomit the night before well somewhat. He was very quiet and relaxed, ya right James quiet, relaxed. Yes James quiet and maybe subdued is a better description!!! I will say that I am happy to report he is not lethargic and Thomas no longer has a fever without medication. Adriana, unfortunately, did get the bug in the middle of the night. Today she is in her room sleeping and watching movies on her laptop. Watching movies is Adriana's favorite part (if any part of being sick is positive) of being sick.

Report on Thomas is his sleeping more than normal but without fever. The only down fall is he only sleeps on Mama! We are quiet but we are on the mend.

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