April 19, 2011

And So Begins……..

Holy Week

After a somewhat long Holy Monday we came home late to start making dinner. When I say late I mean it was almost 8 pm. As you can imagine late shopping without dinner and with three children was not super exciting. Add to that Mama couldn't really think or decide what we would have for dinner. Once we got home Mam had to feed Thomas, while Adriana and James unloaded the car and then Mama made dinner. Funny as hungry as you would like we were Adriana really was not interested in eating dinner. She had started to complain of belly ache while bringing in the groceries. Mama just assumed it was because she had not eaten dinner but when she didn't want to eat dinner, Mama was puzzled. Mama was trying to coach Adriana into eating when she was not really hungry, she ate a few bits. James seemed fine and ate dinner normally. Shortly after dinner started Adriana was excused to get ready for bed and James decided he had to run to the bathroom. Everything in the house starts to take a turn for the worse. Adriana, while upstairs, had to run into the bathroom still not feeling well. Downstairs Thomas needed a diaper change and James had finished on the toilet, of course at the same time. What should Mama now?!?! Everything seemed to be fine James went into the kitchen Adriana was on her way back down the stair and then James gives the big explosion. Well if Mama was questioning whether or not the children were sick she was no longer wondering. As Mama contemplated how she was going to clean up the mess with a whiney 7 month old Daddy walked in the door, AMEN!!! While Mama cleaning up James' explosion Daddy decides to take Thomas' temperature, a fever of 100.6. Could things get any better!!! We all Mama could say was AND SO Begins Holy Week. I hope you have a better and more blessed Holy Week.

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