April 14, 2011

Nothing Pretty but Something Real Funny

Friends from Like Mother, Like Daughter suggested posting something {pretty, happy, real, funny} the every Thursday, here is me trying.

Sadly I don't often look at the pretty in my world. I think I have to open my eyes to pretty a little more often and maybe I'll have pretty for next week.


I don't have a picture of the spunky little boy in the act but I am hoping to do a good job putting the image in your mind. At bedtime James was sent up to the bed in normal fashion. He asked to go use the bathroom before bed and was allowed. He quietly went to bed, not a good sign. Mama decided to go to bed early and upon entering the room a little boys says "Mama I have cream on me." Mama looks up to see a little boy with not cream but Vaseline (he retreived from the bathroom) covering his body starting at his face. What to do? Laugh what else. He had used almost the entire small container of Vaseline on himself and his Adriana bunny. Yes he creamed his stuffed bunny too!! I wish I wasn't too tired to get a picture but all I could do was laugh and send him down to daddy for cleanup.


This little man is the happy to all in the family. All you have to do is look at this little man, who is usually smiling, and he will make you also smile. J {Real}

Yes I really have to get to these piles of paper that are streaming my house before the weather changes and I want to be outdoors all the time. Working on it in Mama fashion. Too bad that fashion is so slow.

Thanks Lelia and Family this was really fun. Now it time to teach and look for the pretty. J


Leila said...

Hi Adrianne,

Thanks for joining! It's great to see the happiness...

God bless!

priest's wife said...

what a beautiful baby!

Adrianne said...

@Leila, I love blogging and this is fun. I hope I can keep it up.
@Priest's Wife - Thank you.