July 16, 2011

A Wonderful Visit: Part I

As many of our de Niall Isle followers know we are in somewhat of a blended family.  The definition is tricky but in our case we have 3 children we are raising and 1 child who was raised by her mother but is still our daughter (Daddy's daughter, for clarity) and her children are our grandchildren.  Our family consists of Mama, Daddy, Adriana,  James, and Thomas but we also have Amanda, 21 years old (sister/daughter), Henry, 18 months (nephew/grandson), and Joseph, due end November (nephew/grandson).  We had not seen Amanda and Henry since a few months after his birth.  We missed them teribly and were happy for their visit. 

Amanda and Henry visited for 10 day.  Part of the visit Amanda visited with her mother's side of the family who do not live to far away from us.  The second half of the trip was spent with de Niall although she did spend all 10 day on the Isle!

At the start of the trip James, Thomas and Henry (not the trains the Niall boys) got in as much time together as the could.  They had a blast together!
Henry kissing his Uncle Thomas!

Now we had 5 days to try to fit in everything we wanted to do include visit with friends, family, swimming lessons for Adriana and James, and a little fun for the children too!!  On a mission. 

We had a visit from Bradley teacher and one of Mama's best friends Rebecca and Bradley classmate Mariel.  It was a fun coincedence that Amamda and Mariel were able to see each in real life (not just on facebook) and see the children together.  Then Amanda was able to go do some errends and deliveries for Daddy just like she used to. Herny stayed behind with Nana and the other children to play.

This was a long day.  After swim lessons we has a visit from the Dooley's for more fun play for boys.  We ate lunch then watched as the children were running through he sprinklers, sliding down the slide, pausing for dessert and then starting all over again!

Sprinkler fun!!

Run and slide

We are family and best buddies!!!

During our visit a family friend Alisa came over to visit Amanda.  We had to go back to the doctor's office to check on James infection so Henry stayed with his Mama and Alisa until Nana (aka Mama) came home.
Alisa and Amanda went off to the mall while the rest of us had dinner at Spec Pond.  Mama usually loves the water and loves it even more when Daddy or anyother second hand is with her but tonight was a little different.  Mama was informed shortly before we went to the pond that Henryhas tubes in his ears.  Mama was so afriad Henry was going to fall into the water she could not settle down.  Everyone else had fun as you can see!

Daddy with Henry teaching Adriana to swim!

Adriana showing off her swimming skills.

 Henry and Pépé
James playing with Henry in the water!
Wading in the water before dinner and going home!
 If you want to find out what happened when we went home that night chick here.  Did they fall asleep before Amanda came home?


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