July 25, 2011

pre-Feast Day Adventure

James had a pre-Feast Day adventure with Daddy and Adriana while Mama was away on her friends retreat get-a-way!!  This was extra special because daddy doesn't often go on adventures when Mama isn't around. They had a blast!!  It was all Mama heard about when the got home. 
Added bonus daddy took pictures.
Climbing up the mountain:
I love this picture of Adriana looking out into the world
"Mama I was looking for our house."

The Wolves Cave

Blueberry picking:

  I know Adriana picked blueberries also but James loves to pick and looks so cute doing it, Mama should know I remember picking wild strawberries with him.  He will eat them by the handfuls even if they are not ripe!
Resting on snacking:

Heading down:

Some scenic picture:

Mount Monadnock - Fun Fact:
The 2nd most climbed mountain in the world!
Doesn't it look like they had a blast!!  It is great to see them having such fun with Daddy.  It will be a time to remember!!!

*Update newer clearer map!
The  trail they took brought the a little below the summit.  It might take a magnifying glass to read the map but this Mama was impressed!!!  So impressed I had to show it off even though it isn't visible, lol!

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