July 21, 2011

{Family Farming Fun}

de Niall Family plus two spent the day at Davis Farmland.  We all had a great day! 

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Daddy petting a beautiful baby lamb laying next his mother.

All the children enjoyed petting goats but look at James
happily hugging the baby goat!


I know this isn't farming but it is what has been real in our family.  Last Sunday we had to take James to the ER because of an infection.  It turned out to be not jut any infection it was staph infection called mercer.  He has luckily recovered nicely and no one else in the family got it, AMEN!  Somethime to be totally greatfully for, Thank you Lord.  This mama was doing a lot of praying.  This is the third time since March that he has had to go to the ER.  Hope we don't get used to the ER. 

James pushing the toy lawn mower up ramp on the playground just so  he could send it down the slide!  I wish I got the picture of it coming down.


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

So glad your little guy is okay. That MRSA is bad news, a friend whose three-year-old son is having sinus surgery today had it in his sinuses...very scary. Looks like the farm was lots of fun though!

Lisa said...

Yes, MRSA is serious - I hope he'll be free of that soon! The farm pictures are so cute, esp. the goat-hugging one! Adorable.

Leila said...

Thanks for joining, Adrianne! Sorry about the infection. When my kids were the ages yours are they DID recognize us at the ER! :/