July 28, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

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This week we have two pretty one with Mama and one with Daddy.

 Adriana and James went on a hike with Daddy while Mama was away.  This was the beautiful site:

Yesterday went to the zoo and a pretty peacock follow us around.  These pictures are at two different parts of the zoo.

Check out this really happy baby with his siblings:

We also have two funnies this week.

The fist is when we celebrated James' feast day.  We played in the ball pit (I know germ infested but it is the summer) and he stopped to pose. 
James covered in balls!
The second funny was the crazy children monkeying around at the zoo!!
A train road by the monkey's and laughed because they were out of their cage! 


My upper garden really needs help and even my lower garden didn't get enough attention this year.  Unfortunately a lot of our herbs bolted! But I do have eggplant and tomatoes coming!  I guess I can say I am happy that things are growing because like Lelia stated in here {pretty, happy, funny, real} I am so not good a watering.  I need to get soaker hoses or a timer for next year, learning from my mistakes. 

Sad upper garden.  So needs weeding. Corn bolted but hopefully some fruit will come too.
Upper garden summer squash, radish and pumpkin in there somewhere, ugh.

Raised bed garden

First raised bed

My Eggplant

 tomatoes and sad looking peppers.

second raised bed.
My garden looks sad but I am hopeful that every year I learn more and they will get better. We got yummy beets this year and radish. I'm hopeful for cucumbers and some summer squash. I'm also hopeful that next year we will get strawberries. 

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Linny said...

Love the happy baby video! What great older siblings!