July 18, 2011

3 Little Monkeys and A Big Monkey

Here on de Niall Isle we live, without a doubt, with monkeys.  In fact the only non-monkey is Mama althought that could be debated!!  I'm not sure why God has given us such mondeys but if you know us since birth each of our has shown monkey quality and Thomas is not to be excluded. 

Thomas 1 day from 10 months

James 3 year and 4 months

This may not seem monkey like to some maybe more dare devil.  I'll take that too!  Our children will dare to do what other's would never. 

Adriana and Daddy climb a tree on Father's Day.

Daddy is a small spec in the sun stream!
Monkey #1

Adriana climbed up by herself with Daddy's guidiance from above!! 
Monkey #2
 When daddy says he wanted to go for a hike it means lets go in the woods and find a good tree to climb!!

Is Mama a Monkey?
Mama on the Zipline.  Someone had to show Adriana how to do it, lol!

Mama pulling herself up with Thomas one her back. 
Pulling extra weight, ugh but made it all the way up!!
Maybe she is the one showing monkeyness to Thomas?

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