July 26, 2011

Two Stop Feast

We try to make a big deal out of the Feast Days for our children.  We want them to love the saints they were named for and celebrating the day helps them to love the saint and themselves!

 Side note: Believe it or not because our boys are James and Thomas many people ask if they were named after tank trains. I get most annoyed when good Catholics ask or even just say "like Thomas the tank engine," to which I usually reply no Saint Thomas Aquinas. I will admit that when Amanda was visiting I teased her that she had to name her new baby "Percy or Gordon or even Toby."  I said to her having four tank engine names in the family is so much more fun then having a "Joseph." Really we are excited Amanda and Brandon choose a great strong name like Joseph. Mama really almost cried when she heard his name not that they need our approval.

One Stop Fun's layout
Wow was that a side note.  So my point was, we don't name our children after tanker engines we name them for saints. Today the church celebrated St. James the Greater's Feast Day.  We have chosen this as James' patron and he can choose otherwise when he is an adult because there are tons of St. James'.
Mama and James having fun!!
Our tradition for Feast Days, or as some call them Names Days, we allow our children to choose dinner for the night and an outing for that day.  The outing can be something as simple a park, library, pond or something like an outing to the zoo or York Wild Animal Kingdom.  Adriana makes out best  because we have the same tradition for birthday as we have for Feast days and she has her Feast day and Birthday 4 day apart. 

James loves Thomas;
Thomas loves James
Brotherly Love!!
James choose to have pizza for dinner.  When I asked him on Friday it wasn't like he even had to think about it pizza flowed out of his mouth naturally unlike last year when his sister convinced him he wanted her favorite meal, kielbasa.
James choose pepperoni pizza and strawberry shortcake, yummy!!

His feast day outing was spent at One Stop Fun.  This is all the fun for Adriana, James and Thomas had at One Stop Fun.  We called this post Two Stop Feast because James had two stops One Stop Fun and home for a pizza dinner.

Adriana and James excited to be here and they are showing it!!

Adriana and James in the ball pit before we left

 Adriana is the flash of pink in  the left picture. She is in the balls on the right.

Thomas playing

Where is James?!?!

The Boys hanging together, Brotherly love:


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