March 17, 2011

Twice St Patrick's Day

We celebrated St. Patrick's day twice.
We enjoyed our green clothes and corned beef cabbage along with a Irish Step performance on St. Patrick's day.

Then of Friday we went to a St. Patrick's Day Homeschool party.

We started the party with a treasure hunt. Pot of Gold at the end of the raunbow!

They found the Pot of Gold!

Lindsay and her family snacking!

Our goddaughter, Joni, all dressed in green with a beautiful bow!

Adriana and her friends performing a jig for the Homeschool group. 

The jig with Bridget playing the violin. 

The older children had tons of fun jump roping!!!

Crafts with Lindsay.

Nicky showing me (Mama) his craft.

A game with the biggest group kids helping the little kids. 

Moms hanging out enjoying some social time.

Children being attentive as Lindsay reads them a St Patrick's Day story. 

Adriana, Erika, and James listening to the story.

Mrs. Hougham with Thomas, she loves babies!!

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