March 12, 2011

Baptism of Our God Daughter, Joni

Joni's Baptism!!

Joni putting on her baptismal gown. Her Baptismal gown was made by her daddy's grandmother and wore by her aunt. She is being helped getting dressed by her mom's god daughter.

Mom and Joni

Mom, godmom and Joni

The baptism has started!

Joni was baptized at the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Still River Mass. She was baptized in the tradition baptism. It was amazing to be a part of a traditional baptism.

Going into the church!

During this exorcism Joni started coughing like she was getting rid of anything unclean. Let me tell you it was amazingly power to witness.

Joni was really calm as the water blessing was happening. She was half asleep but not totally.

A reborn child of God. Happy reBirthday Joni!!!

The god family even our god son joined in the on the picture. What a beautiful evening and a blessing to be a part of.

God Bless you Joan Marie!!

The reception was at the Niall house and was very joyful!

Children played! and fought in James and Leo's case!! You know you have a best buddy when you can't wait to see someone and then fight with them most of the time you are together.

Ladies chatted!

God sisters bonded!

Boys played some more, crashing is fun!

Men discussed and philosophized!

While children ran around them!

Some women joined the men.

Then Mr. Niall decided to lighten the mood and wrestling the children. Mr. Niall is always good for getting the children before they have to go to bed.

I believe that fun was had by everyone!!

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