March 18, 2011

Thomas Growing and Growing

Thomas turned 6 months today!

Now the questions is should we start to feed Thomas solid food or hold off.

Let's start with are the signs for starting solids there:
1. Does he still have the tongue-thrust reflex? I think that maybe slightly but for the most part it is gone!
2. Can he sit up on his on and reach for food? Video below and pictures above to demonstrate

Yes he does. He not only sits up on his own but he has started to scotchs forward, he is moving and grooving. Better start vacuuming my floor much more often otherwise he choke on the popcorn kernels.
3. Eruptions of Teeth?
Yes Thomas has started getting teeth. He has two on the bottom and very much teething with all the drool coming down his face!
Can't believe Thomas is growing so quickly!!! Will we feed Thomas? Still don't know but will update and let you know with the first foods we feed him!

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