March 8, 2011

Children Prepare for Lent

Small Things Done With Love

How do we use our bean jars? Whenever the children do something they are supposed to without complaining, they do something generous and any small deed done with love then get to put a bean into the jar with their name on it. At the end of Lent their beans will be replaced with M&M candies. Promise to show the end results. :)

Adriana and James coloring in their Stations of the Cross to go unto there lapbooks.

What is in the lapbook?
A count down to Easter 40 days, all the Sunday's in lent and we also added the Feast days. We try to remember to color our block every day. The stations of the cross to be used on Friday and a list of the children's pluses and minuses of lent. Adriana and James gave up movies for lent and they will be adding a weekly Stations of the Cross and mass. The lapbooks are under out basket on the kitchen table.

Yes young children can to lent too!!!

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