March 2, 2011

Our First God Daughter

Our good friends the Urbans had their baby Joan Marie.

They dropped there boys off at our house early this morning and continued on to deliver there baby.

The boys toward the end off their stay getting restless wrestling. They had fun fighting and sometimes getting along watching a movie!!

The announcement soon came: It's a GIRL!!!
We made cards for baby Joni and then an art project. Each child string peas through a spaghetti. We cooked the spaghetti the glued each string of spaghetti onto the "Welcome to the World Joni" sign. Between each string of spaghetti there were hard carrots and cross at the end. The children who could sign. "it's the rosary. It was fun to make and exciting to give.

When Ben and Rebecca came to pick up Leo and Jules she asked us to be the god parents of Joni. Our first god daughter so exciting. Of course we said 'yes,' now we have a beautiful god daughter.

Our first meeting of Joni at about 6 hours old!

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