December 28, 2010

Thomas the big strong boy!

I can't believe Thomas is three months old. They grow so quickly!!! He is also really strong, I can't believe all the things he is able to do already. He is almost sitting up all by himself. All of these pictures were taken of Thomas within the past week. So many milestones all at once!!

Adriana sat him down the other night and he was sitting by himself for about a minute. I find that very scary!!!

Thomas' tummy time, he pulls up his head!!! As long as he is not crawling I'm happy. :)

Thomas the day after Christmas sitting on the couch Nana gave him and James. I can't believe he is playing with toys. He really likes that train he was given by Nana.

He is too little to love his exersaucer isn't he?!?! Don't tell him that he loves hanging out in it and even plays with some of the toys.

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