December 27, 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas

The Niall Family was supposed to come to see us but again we had to change our plans becuase of the weather!!! Got to love snow. We were in the house all day cleaning Adriana's room but we paused to dress up and play Nativity. Adriana was Mary, James was Joseph and you guessed Thomas was the baby Jesus. James loves to role play and really gets into character. Anytime Mama called him James by mistake he would say "Mama I'm Joseph" or "She's Mary." They had fun dressing. We had a long photo shot but these are the best of the pictures.

It is always fun to dress up and it is a great way to remember it is still Christmas playing Nativity. If you have more than three children remember all the other characters present at the birth of Our Lord.
Mama had also planned the children opening a gift but Mama was not feeling well. Once Mama woke up James was already asleep so it was to late to open a gift. Daddy and Mama opened their last gifts once all the children were asleep. Daddy got Mama a beautiful Angle Kneeling Fontanini piece to had to her Nativity Collection.

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