December 26, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas

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The Bell Family was supposed to come to visit us on this first day of Christmas but the snow kept them away!!!! Instead we went to Barnes and Nobles as not to go to far from home. We are fortunate to have a Barnes and Nobles right across the street. At Barnes and Nobles Adriana and James were each able to choose a book and Mama and Daddy had a cup of coffee and we all shared a dessert.

They each got to pay for their books with the gifts cards Nana gave them for Christmas.

Daddy picking James up to pay for his book.

Mama also read them the James' book "Make way for Duckling" before went to coffee and dessert. Adriana's book choice was a children's tour book of Washington D.C. We are taking a trip to Washington D.C. in January.

More excitement at the Niall household included a surprise visit from Uncle Gary Thomas. Uncle Gary lives in New Jersey so he had not met his nephew Thomas yet. Uncle Gary feels a close connection to Thomas because his middle name is Thomas, only his family calls him Gary, and all of his friends in N.J. refer to him as Tom.

In New England you must be ready to change your 12 days of Christmas plans in necessary.

Today was also Daddy's feast day and he got to open a gift. He got a St. Stephan prayer card and a new scapular.

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