December 31, 2010

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

We went to the Wedding Vow Renewal of our good friends Andreas and Michelle Widmer-Schultz. They have been married for 20 years!!!

This is a special gift that our children can't yet appreciate but we truly do appreciate. In this day and age 20 years of marriage is a great accomplishment!

20 years of marriage and a 6 year old Elias to help them celebrate!

Vow renewal and blessing. A great testament to many and I'm sure many graces bestowed on them two of you!

Congratulations once again to Andreas and Michelle! Speech!

A quiz was taken and scored by the family below. We did not win although we were in the top group. Our good friends the Dooley's won the quiz "How well do you know the Widmer's"!!

Beautiful cake made for the Widmer's later added Elias and their dog! Another symbol of their 20 years married!

Socializing with friends!!!

The lovely couple!

Other lovely couples! No biases here!!!

Good Friends together!

There was a table for the children to do activities! A gingerbread notebook. And the children just had plain fun romping around the hall!

Adriana saying goodnight to Mr. Widmer!

Instant friends!!! I love the purity of some childhood friendships!

And the pure love of babies, Michelle's brother-in-law had no idea I was watching him googling over Thomas.

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Michelle Widmer-Schultz said...

Adrianne! What a nice surprise to see all these beautiful pictures, and how nicely you told the story of our anniversary celebration :) Thanks so much for being a part of it, and a part of our lives!