December 5, 2010

Live Nativity with Adriana

5th Annual Live Nativity and Carol

Presented by Spring House and students of the Trivium School
at Berlin Orchard

Adriana was one of the singing Angels.
She is usually shy and gets stage fright but she did really well in the live Nativity. I know Adriana with stage fright hard to believe be so true! Our Lord must have been with her. We were of course proud parents. Other Angles Andrew and Nora Kelly, Mora Schmitt, Brianna Hougham, Hannah Smillie and Frannie Dillon.

Adriana is one of the angels in the middle on the left.
Mary was played by Sara Smillie and the angel Gabriel was played by Bridget Lawler.


Leila said...

Thanks for posting this, Adrianne!

Adrianne said...

You are welcome Leila!