December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas celebrated at the Niall home!

It is always nice to sleep in on Christmas day. I guess it you call 8 am sleeping in or 9 am for Daddy. When we woke up we sang Baby Jesus "Happy Birthday."

Then we place him in the stable with Mary and Joseph.

Some of us ate breakfast and the rest of us waited to open our stockings.

Then we opened our presents. At this point daddy had Mama open her present. If you haven't seen Mama's Christmas present hunt click here. Below is Adriana opening her Christmas present.

We are opening Uncle Nelson's Christmas presents. Thomas got a teddy bear!

Adriana and James are playing well together. They are putting a puzzle together.

Then after putting the finishing touches on dinner and running around trying to find all the gifts we needed to bring with us to Nana's house, (honestly I would get so much more do if I remembered where I put things) we left for Maine. Christmas dinner at Nana's house.

Christmas celebrated at Nana's home!

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As you can see we call Nana "Santa!" (Not really, lol, but going to her house feels like a Santa trip.) She may overdo it a little!

A Calico Critter year!

Their favorite gifts!! But they loved them all!!!

Nana opens her gifts. She laughed, she cried - we moved her!!! She got a gift certificate to a restaurant she goes to often, a Memorial Mass card for her husband, and a few other little gifts but those were her favorites!

Thomas behaved this way most of the visit. He doesn't yet appreciate "Santa Nana!"

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Christine said...

What a wonderful Christmas Day! Thank you for sharing.
Christine H