April 15, 2008

Why is the Pope Benedict in the USA?

Although many are upset by the Pope's visit to the USA (I have been listening to talk radio all day and the only good comments I heard were from Pat Buchanan. Nobody else seems to know what it is to be a true practicing Catholic.), I am praying that his viist is successful. I pray that there are conversation back to the Church due to his visit. Check out this 20 minute video from EWTN's Raymond Arroyo. He is interviewing Cardninal Pietro Sambi on the overview of the papal visit. For those of us not lucky enough to see him in NY let us pray for his success and follow his visit at uspapalvisit.org or on EWTN. They have live streaming videos. There is a great video of the Pope getting out Sheppard 1. Check them out. God Bless this is great.

It is great to know that we don't have to watch this visit through the mainstream media. I'm sure it will be seen a whole different way throught their eyes.

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