April 11, 2008

One of our Playgroups

Today we had, what I call, our Catholic playgroup. Adriana is the oldest child in this group and one of our members is missing because she just had a new baby. Congrats again Chrissy and welcome Baby Naomi. We meet bi-weekly, have lunch, the children play, and the moms chat about lots of different subjects.
Lindsey our gracious host for this playgroup and she is excepting soon. We had a delicious lunch of black bean quesadillas. Thanks for hosting and lunch Lindsey!!!
Mothers and their sons!!!! Benjamin and Leo and only 10 days apart. When Erin and Rebecca were excepting the were due one day apart. The boys will have fun growing up together.

The cowboy is petting the horse. Benjamin was wearing a cowboy outfit and he even took a ride on the horse.
Children playing at their playgroup. FUN!!! Nicky looks like he is loves riding the horse. I saw him on the horse more than he played with any other toy.
Andrea totally entertaing Benjamin.

Adriana holding James. Clare watching Adriana and James wondering what it is going to be like to have one of those in her home.
Before we left I gave Erin's car a jump. It took us a few tries to jump her car because the jumper cables we were trying to use were to thick to connect to the battery. She learned which cables not to buy. Adriana thought she would try to entertain Benjamin. Andrea did a much better job because Benjamin was crying, she was scaring him.

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