April 15, 2008

Visiting Friends and Post Baby Dinners

We are so grateful for the many vistors and dinners we recieved the first 2 - 3 weeks we were home from the hospital. Thanks you to everyone who provided us with a dinner and took the time to come to visit us, especially James. I didn't make dinner for three weeks, Michael only made dinner once (hamburgers and hotdogs). It is awesome to live in a community that understands and supports the importance of being a new mama. No one looked at me funny for not having my dishes done or for my house being upside down. Many people even ask to help clean the house or run errands.

Cioci Anne and Uncle Peadar came to visit Baby James when we was only 4 days old. They brought a tasty chicken pot pie.

Clara and Eion enjoyed Baby James.

Joseph (used to be Baby Joseph) loved Baby James too. He even got a turn holding him. He so sweetly said "Joe's turn."

The Hougham's came over when James was only 5 days old. Anne couldn't wait for Baby James to be born. Briana and Michael (not pictured) each got a turn holding James. They had exausted themselves making dinners for us, 3 other families, and themselves. There was another baby boy, William Smillie, born the same day as James. Also, the Kelly's had a boy, Robert, and the Hughes had a girl, Greta, a month earlier. Anne had made us all dinner. What a trooper Anne. We all ate cream of mushroom flavored pasta with bread and pasta, delicious. - Thanks.

Rebecca's Dinner (AMAZING)
(Ben's portions taken from Rebecca's Blog )

I have to say that above all the friends that supported us one stands out most of all. Thank you so much REBECCA. It all started before James was even born. She listened to me go on about whatever I needed to go on about, she walked the mall with me (to try to start labor),. She, also, came to the hospital and not only brought us pizza (shhh don't tell the nurses) but she also brought our daughter. The first night we came home from the hospital she came over and brought us an amazing dinner of spinach ricotta ravioli with a salad and some buttermilk biscuits. While at our house sorted baby clothes. She brought up a bus load of clothes and toys. A few days later she brought over medicine for James, she offered to take me to my midwife appointment to take me staples out and I'm sure there is so much more. All this and Rebecca has a little one, Leo, of her own. He was less than 6 months at the time. I don't know what I would do without REBECCA and other friends like her. -THANKS A BUNCH, REBECCA!!!!
I am so GRATEFUL and know I APPRECIATE all of you.

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