April 10, 2008

Spring Day, Family Fiesta, and Adriana in a Diaper

Today was a great spring day. The weather was great as Adriana kept saying "Mama I'm going to go out with no coat (or a jacket). " It was so nice I decide the back yard was good enough we went to the park.
After dinner we went to the 5th Annual Clinton Family Fiesta. They had alot of fun activities for children. The fire department was there, Adriana loved the fire engine. The Jr. High Band played , our upstairs neighbor (Joe) was in it. Adriana also love watching Joe. Watching him was her favorite part of the night. It was hard to get her to leave the tables to see the other activieties around. When we finally did she played with fubor for a long time. She also got a whisle, won a bracelet in a bean bag toss and made some planter with veggies in them.
Flubber is a type of playdough. It was a funny but cool texture.
When we go home Adriana decide she wanted Daddy to change her diaper after he changed James. She has been potty trained since I can remember.

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