April 15, 2008


In our house mama cookies about 85 - 90 % of the dinners. I dare say she is a good cook. While mama cooks she does not bake unless it comes out of a box. Daddy is the baker especially if he wants chocolate chip cookies. In the past few months Daddy has been baking cookies at least once a week. He was become quite good at baking cookies. He will have to teach his daughter. She helped daddy bake with her new baking kit Auntie Jacci, Uncle P.J., Brendan, and Averi gave her for Easter. She totally enjoyed helping daddy, licking the mixer, and of course eating a cookie.

Baking set from the Bell Family


Finished product in mini-baking pan.

Enjoying my COOKIE!!!!

P.S. Daddy is not only a good baker but he is also a good cook.

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