February 25, 2008

Mother Daughter Days

Adriana and Mama spent a few days together before Baby Niall is excepted to be born.

First we went to the movies to see "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" - A Veggie Tales Movie. Adriana had a blast. She hadn't been to the movies since the summer. It was a whole new experience. All she talks about now is the pirates and how they don't do anything.

On Feb 25th days after Baby Niall was born Mama decided to take Adriana out for lunch. There is no better place to take a child for lunch than Friendly's. Yes, we did enjoy an ice cream. Adriana had chocolate all over her face. Mother daughter FUN!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

was the movie good?? i was going to take josiah to see it but i have issues leaving lias out and he's way too bad to take to the movies...=)