February 7, 2008

Baby Pool

Dear Friends of Michael & Adrianne,
We're very excited about the upcoming arrival of baby Niall, as I'm sure you are too! We started a baby pool online where you can guess if baby Niall will be a boy or a girl, when baby Niall will arrive, how much baby Niall will weigh, etc, etc. We're not playing for money, but the winner will receive a small prize :-)
~The Urbans - Ben, Rebecca & Baby Leo
To participate, go to: http://www.expectnet.com/games/BabyNiall or go to ExpectNet.com and enter BabyNiall as the
game name in the space indicated on the home page.

If you haven't already placed your pool go for it now!!!!! ~Adrianne
Thanks, Rebecca and Family!

1 comment:

Rebecca Urban said...

I think the link is jumping to Pete & Chrissy's game. Better just say: go to the website and type in BabyNiall :-)