February 18, 2008

Sick Yucky!!!!!

Adriana making Mama soup because she's sick.
Mama had been in bed since Friday. On Friday morning Mama woke up and thought she was in labor. After having contractions through the night, feeling sick in the stomach, and her hips and back were sore. Well she was so uncomfortable but had a appointment at the midwifes so off she went. The midwives thought maybe you could be in labor but I think you just have the flu, yucky. Mama went home took her temperture and low and behold a fever of 101.8. SHe was sick and sore. The fever didn't finally break until late Saturday night. Sunday was all congestion and some soreness. What a horriable weekend. Some good things did come out of the weekend. Mama didn't go into labor while she was sick. Mama also learned that daddy is very capable of taking care of the household while mama is out of it. Can you believe that the dishes have been done and the kitchen cleaned every night. How amazing!!!! And laundry I think he did every load. Great work Daddy. Thanks for pitching and while mama has been in bed.

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