August 8, 2011

Planned and Replanned Birthday.....

Happy Birthday Adriana. 
Adriana tends to spend weeks (well really months)  planning her birthday.  All she ever really wants is time with the family and to have fun. Mama let's the children choose dinners for there birthday, feast days and baptismal day.  This year her plan went a little farther asking Mama to make waffles with the waffle maker we got at a yard sale this spring. 
Not only did Adriana have waffles but the whole family ate breakfast together.   
Waffles with strawberries jam and banana's and sausage patties, yummy!

We always try to go to mass on birthdays so it is always in Adriana's plan.  Her birthday was on Sunday this year so no trying necessary we definitely went to mass.

She enjoyed her hike with Daddy at Mt. Monadnock and that became her destination.  Unfortunately the weather was suppose to be thunder storms so we did not want to take the chance hiking so we ended up at go to her originally desired destination, Spec Pond. 

Water Play
Where is Daddy? 
Oh, Adriana is riding on his back!  A Dolphin?

 Funny, James loved playing in the lily pad float!
He hated to go in the float last year when he needed to be in it.

Playing with Daddy!
 Sand Play

Even Daddy played in the sand!
James learning to make a sand castle.
James stomping on this sand castles!
Dinner and cake!
Adriana choose hear favorite kielbasa and corn on the cob for dinner. 

Happy Birthday to  Adriana!
Oreo ice cream cake, delicious!

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