August 2, 2011

Getting Dry

                                                                      photo by Adriana  (age almost 7) 

James and his best friend Leo drying off after playing in the sprinklers. 

When you ask James who his best friend is (not Mama but Adriana because she is all about best friends) he will tell you Leo.  Leo says James is his best friend but these to boys are funny.  James and Leo are like brothers, they love each other but even more they love to battle each other.  Leo is good at making James crazy and James is good at yelling about it.  They are two funny peas in a pod!


Rebecca @PerpetuallyNesting said...

James and Leo - "Frienemies!" Bwa ha!

Adrianne said...

lol, that should have been my title: James' Frienemy, lol!!!