June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

What made me smile at mass today. Again it is Fr. Peter, James going up with Mama to communion Fr. Peter blessed him with a big cross starting across his eyes and down his forehead. He needed it with the type of mass he was having and then Thomas went up with Daddy and after Fr. Peter blessed him Thomas gave Fr Peter the best smile ever!!! Thomas does give good smiles!!
de Niall Family surrounding Fr. Peter
  While getting annoyed at my 3 year old at mass trying to get him to be obedient at mass I kept reminding him to talk to his guardian angel, Peter, and ask him to help you behave. At the end of mass I just said thanks your guardian angel and didn't say his name. James responds saying "Mama I have 2 guardian angles Peter and guardian angel." He probably does have 2 guardian angles but that is not what I meant at all!
Red Root vine that was killing our privacy trees
Happy Father's Day to my dad, Paul Bell, my husband, Michael Niall, and all the priest and father's out there. Fr. Peter once again made ma laugh today. James was saying Happy Father's Day to Fr. Peter in the sanctuary after mass and Fr. Peter kept saying say it louder. James and Fr. Peter went back and forth for the next 5 minutes down the halls of the abbey!
If you look closely you can see the vines growing crazy especially on the left tree!
And the fence look at it growing wild around the gate!
Still making me smile! Don't worry Fr. Peter you aren't insisting my son disturb and annoy anyone who was trying to pray after mass. I love having the spiritual community around us!! The sanctuary is right behind the chapel at the abbey right were everyone can see and hear.
Looks so much better.

Amazing difference, night and day!
After Mass we planned to go for a hike but daddy wanted to do a little yard work first.  Mama then started to tell daddy about the crazy vines that our garden lady told her was killing the privacy trees in our neighbors yard.  Daddy decided we would take on the project of clearing these tree (our neighbors are an elderly couple).
Hard work pulling the weeds.  They had a thick root,
Mama was even using tools!!
Adriana says "Timber!!" as she pulls on the roots.
  Daddy went to the neighbors and asked if it would be alright to take down these weeds.  It was of course a larger project then we excepted.  It is going to take the whole summer to get rid of this weed and we are so thankful to our garden mentor, Carol, for telling us about this weed.

Finishing up the afternoon weeding!
Even though it is mostly in our neighbor's yard it would take down the privacy trees which benefit us an the fence separating the property.  It was and still is a great way to get to know our neighbors and for our children to see charity in action.  Our neighbors are pleased with the work we got done today.  Daddy was happy on Father's Day even though he didn't go on his hike he climbed a tree and was happy!

Daddy is happy climbing trees!
So is Adriana even though she was scared!

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