June 12, 2011

Party with the Repitiles and other Creatures

Happy Birthday to our 4 year old friend
Evan Lucus 

Today we went to join Evan's celebrates!

It was a great party with daddy joining in on the fun (he usually can't join us when we are visiting our friends but it was on a Sunday so he could come this year).

Evan petted every creature that came out!

 Daddy holding Thomas petting the chinchilla. 
 Skunks are fun!
 Adriana and Ruby (Evan's cousin) are the same age and were instant friends.
 All of the children, even Adriana, petted the turtle.  Or is it a tortoise?
 Brave James is petting a taranchula
 And even holding it with glee
Well even Mama had her fun holding a creature
 Evan followed the alligator all around

The dads hanging with the kids
Is Daddy wearing a dunce hat, NO?!?  It is a Toy Story hat!

And we sing "happy birthday" to Evan wearing animal faces!
and of course noise makers!

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