June 27, 2010

Homeschooling Room

My friend, Anne, came over today to help me organize the homeschooling room. I wasn't excepting much but I am pleased with our progress. Three or four boxes going to Salvation Army. Let's see how much more I can do this week. I'll update progress!

Before!!! Not so hot

As you can see everything is in the middle of the room and in boxes.

After: still needs alot!!!

Bookcases are in place and some boxes we completely unpacked. Anne even sorted through our plethora of books and weed some out. It goes against the grain to get rid of books but really how many books can one family have. We could start out own library!!!

It was really sad to find mold on our exersaucer and car seat but hopefully (because it is only on the cloth) we can get rid of the mold!!!

I'm really sore from all the work but it feels good to get it done!!

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