June 22, 2010

First Day in Maine

We got to Maine really late on Father's Day and we were welcomed by Nana, Auntie Helen, Reaha, John, and Adelle!!!

We hang out in Nana's yard most of the first day!! Nana get's many vistitors to her house so we had some company FUN! and ofcourse mama and James had a nap, nice!

Nana and James hanging in the yard!
Getting sprayed under "Summer" the sprinkler!!!

It is fun just lounging around!

We are getting ready to go to Fort Foster in Nana's Truck!

Reaha taking Adriana out far in the water. I love you Reaha!! Playing in the sand!

Playing in the sand without James!!!

We love the park at Fort Foster!!

Adriana said "Mama I see a lobster!!!" Mama responds"Adriana if you see a Lobster I'm going to dive into the water so we can take it home and eat it!!" "Mama you need to dive," as she pokes at a rock, lol!!!

Searching for shells

James is having tons of fun climbing on the rocks. A little to timid to go into Maine's cold water!!
I just love this picture!!! Great profile!

Great picture of Reaha and James!! I love tis picture!
At about 10pm we decided it was finally time to eat our LOBSTER!!!!! YUMMY! And yes my chidren like lobster. No one wants children to love lobster but in it in our blood!!!
The lobster is waiting to go into the pot!

Auntie Helen is giving sissors to the lobster!

James is trying really hard to open the lobster!

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