June 12, 2010

Evan's Petting Farm and Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Evan!!

We had so much fun at Evan's Birthday Party. He even had a really cool "Cars" birthday cake. Weather was not good enough to go swimming but it was perfect for the farm animal's that came. James had so much fun petting all the animals several times. Adriana enjoyed hanging out with the Wilson's neices Ruby and Valerie plus all the birthday fun and animals!

Blowing out the candles with help from Mom and cousin Valerie!

Silly Adriana

Getting tourmented from both sides. Happy Birthday!

Enjoying my ice cream! Yummy

Both grandmothers (Barbara and Paula) and Aunt Maureen looking at picture of Paula trip to Alaska!! Just got home!

Play Yard!!!
Playing in the side yard because it there was no chance of swimming in the pool. Thanks for fixing the pool Mr. Wilson we will be sure to visit this summer to take advantage of the new liner!

Petting Farm Animals have Arrived!!

Hooray chickens!
Adriana and James trying to pet the chickens. Adriana is doing a great job, usually runs away!

Petting Bunnies!

Petting Ducks!!
With Evan
Petting Goats with Evan!!

Back to the Bunnies!

Adriana the Adorable!

Adriana again doing really good with a bunny in her lap. She wasn't scare, AMAZING!

Even Pony rides!!

Amazingly the rain held off until after the pony rides!! We had to head out after the pony ride but it was a very fun day. Happy Birthday again Evan!!!

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