September 23, 2008

Horse Farm Field Trip - Little Girls Club

Having Fun at the Morgan Horse Farm in Bolton, MA.
Thanks you Mrs. Kelly it was great!!!

We arrived to this mother horse and her shy foal.
I couldn't believe Adriana got so close. She used to be so afriad. I guess this is the positive side of peer pressure.

Nancy, the farmer owner and breader, gave a great tour.
Nancy showed us this stallion and he did a great job posing except he hated the flies.

Isn't William adorable. He and James are exactly the same age, they are only a few hours apart.
Doesn't Molly look like a natual petting the horse.

Cathy is one of Nancy's assistance. She helped gave us a tour and demostrated horses working. She was showing the children how, with the trailer, the horses front legs have to work much harder then their back legs.

Petting a foal before we go.

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