September 8, 2008

First day of School

Today Adriana started her first day of homeschool. The first lesson is "I Belong to God." We made a Hand Print and talked about how she is the only person God made the way He made her, her handprint is unique. The learning games are fun and the first one was looking into a mirror and asking her question about herself then explaining she is loved by God. Then we tape record tried to tape record an interview but our tape player did not want to cooperate. Instead we did a vidoe interview. Below is Adriana's inview. It is really cute. (Sorry about the sideway picture. I always forget I can't route a vidoe on the blog. )

After the vidoe we watch it together and explain that there is nobody like her. God made her and she is special and he loves her. It was a great lesson. Tomorrow our lesson is on "I am specially made." Fun!!!!

It was funny that the book Adriana picked up and said was her favorite book was a book called "My Favorite Book." She was being a silly girl. Got to love her.

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Bexo said...

Glad to see you're blogging again!