March 7, 2008

Welcome Home James

Today James came home from the hospital.
We went to his Godparent's, the Murphy's, house to pick up Adriana. We pulled into the drive way and out runs Adriana screaming "JAMES RAPHAEL, JAMES RAPHAEL." No she didn't care that mama and daddy were there. She just wanted to see her new baby brother. The part of the Murphy family that was home came out to greet there Godson and Godbrother.

We went into the Murphy house and each person took turns holding Baby James. Even Joe and Danny (neither pictured), home from college, held James. They took turns Adriana, then MaMurph, Maggie, Peter (as you can tell totally enjoyed holding James), Joe for a minute until James started to cry, then Danny when he came home. I will also add that Adriana ran around the Murphy's house (they have a big house) screaming, as only Adriana can, for Danny to come and see her baby brother. Adriana considers herself a Murphy.

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