January 2, 2011

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

We took a family trip to Edaville Rail Road!!!

It was a great trip and as always it is fun to spend time together as a family!! Really the 8th day of Christmas gift was spending time together as a family.

Mama loved looking at the all the lights. It really was beautiful, especially as it got darker! Indoor the decorations were just as beautiful! It is obvious they spend days preparing for Christmas. On that note we love that they are still celebrating Christmas and not just a holiday!

There are no pictures outside the train ride but we can will tell you it really was a beautiful ride seeing all the fun decorations even a mini village and covered bridge (mama's favorite!)

We went on some rides while at Edaville. Mama, Adriana, and James went on the Ferris Wheel, James held onto Mama for dear life and then wanted to go on again! At one point it started to rain so we were glad to have the option to go in and get out of that weather!

We went on the train twice and Daddy will tell you his favorite part of the trip was the second train ride in the warm cabin, party pooper! But like we said it is the family time that is important.

We all went on the Merry-Go-Round and raced like in Mary Popins. It was Thomas' first Merry-Go-Round ride!

Mama was also happy they had a nursing area!! It is not necessary to use it but it is awesome that children's places are getting more nurse friendly!! Mama does beleive you can nurse anywhere but it is easier to be modest and not worry about it when there is a nursing area!

Finally, the one thing that was disappointing happened when we got home. It didn't happen as soon as we got home it came at around 2am in the form of vomit. We highly recommend keeping all children out of the ball pit, especially in that winter!!! We learned our lesson!

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