May 11, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Today we went on a family job. Daddy went to work at his old high school friends house so mama and children to go along and visit. We had alot of fun.
Adriana and the boys mostly Hunter played together. It was a beautiful day outside so they went out side. At first the were digging in the dirt or in Adriana's case rocks. Adriana decide she wanted to jump on the trampoline. She was having a blast so one by one the boys joined her. Justice decided he was really bored and wanted to drive his mother crazy. That was a good time for Candee to pull at the kite. As you can see Justice decide he wanted the little ones to put the kite together and not participate.
(Justice refusing to help build the kite.)

Ofcourse when we went outside to fly the kite Justice wanted to join us. Adriana got her turn first and it was crazy. She didn't get much flying in, she just ran and Hunter ran after her. All you could her was giggling and her singing "Let's go fly a kite......," Mary Poppins. Then Justice got a a turn. He got to kit up but then it got stuck the tree. Hunter also got a turn but much like Adriana, he was just running. After lots of patience on Candee's part both Adriana and Hunter got the kite in the air for a few minutes. They each go it really going. Adriana's soaring kite.
After tiring out with the kite Adriana and Hunter decided it was time to play on the tire swing.

Mrs. Graves joined Adriana and Hunter on the trampoline and popped them like pop corn. That looked really fun.

Hunter and Juctice really loved looking at James. Hunter even got a chance to hold James.

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