December 31, 2007

First Night Boston

Tonight we went to Boston for the Family part of First Night, parade and fireworks.

During the parade mama caught a whole handful of beads thrown to us. That was fun and I shared the beads with all our friends. Mama and Adriana had a blast but Daddy just looks like he is enjoying it. He's not much into the crowds. Next year will be his year. I will say one of his cheif complaints was the cold. I am lucky enough that I'm pregnant and the cold didn't bother me a bit. We spent the evening with some friends and celebrated the New Year so check our celebration.

The Widmer-Schultz Family. The Niall Family (Us)

The Dooley's (Anne's Sister, Sarah, was with us also but she we didn't get any pictures of her)

Mama's favorite part of First Night, fireworks!!! Adriana loves fireworks, too.

Adriana hanging out with her buddy Eli.

Michael and Adriana after they got last in the crowd. We found You!!!

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Rebecca Urban said...

I'm so happy you have a blog! How brave of you to bring a three-year-old to First Night...not to mention trekking all the way into Boston that late in your third trimester of pregnancy! I'm sure Adriana enjoyed being able to stay out late. Congratulations on the launching of your blog! I look forward to seeing more updates!